All About Mufflers

If you’ve ever noticed a vehicle running without a muffler, you would have realized the importance of muffler. They are simple set of tubes with fine perforations in them. They form an important component of a vehicle’s exhaust system.


They are installed on motor vehicles to facilitate airflow out of the engine by flushing out exhaust gases. Mufflers also play a key role in suppressing loud noises released by the engine.


Mufflers are the last component of the exhaust system. By acting as a passage for emissions, they allow air to escape more easily, thereby increasing horsepower.


They reduce the velocity of waste gases and either absorb pressure waves or cancel by colliding with reflected waves coming from the same engine.

Best muffler for your ride

Mufflers are available in different shapes and sizes. Not all mufflers are crafted to perform the scropped-2.jpgame. So, depending on which type you choose, you may have a deep groaning noise, or a gentle, clean rumble. Performance mufflers are specifically designed to deliver increased horse power with minimum resonance. A straight muffler assists in easy passage of the exhaust gases out of the tailpipe quickly. A curved muffler produces the most aggressive noise.

Time to replace it

Since a muffler is located at the bottom of an engine, it is often ignored. If you hear a loud noise when you accelerate, it’s time to replace it.

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The Role Of Catalytic Converters

With the increase in number of vehicles, each one is contributing to air pollution in its own way. Especially in large cities, the extent of pollution contributed by all the cars together can lead to serious issues. To overcome these issues, automobile companies have made certain modifications to motor engines and fuel systems. One such modification is the introduction of catalytic converters.

Catalytic converters are the key element of a vehicle’s emission control system. They are designed to convert toxic gases released from the engine such as carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and others that result in smog to carbon dioxide and water.

How a catalytic converter worksCatalytic converters

In the past, when catalytic converters were unavailable, harmful emissions from a motor engine straightaway passed through the exhaust tailpipe and released into the atmosphere. The catalytic converter is placed between the engine and the tailpipe. It alters the chemical structure of the emissions by rearranging the atoms from which they’re formed.

When is the time to replace it?

Catalytic converters offer better service up to 100,000 miles. But sometimes it needs to be replaced prematurely. An engine that’s consuming more oil could damage the catalytic converter before its validity. Sometimes, wrong fuel additives can also wear out the catalysts. Unlike other components of a vehicle such as brakes, mufflers or tires, they don’t require frequent replacement.

Where to buy?

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