Don’t Drive With Faulty Exhaust System: Check Mufflers, Flanges, Gaskets

Flex exhaust pipes, mufflers, converters, flanges, and gaskets are the key components of exhaust system that need regular preventive check. Know the symptoms of faulty exhaust system to maintain by self.pipes

The driving experience with any vehicle, even in favorable conditions, depends also upon the functioning of exhaust system but we often neglect it because it doesn’t trouble in extreme before bringing us to complete stop. I am sure that many readers of this post would have experienced the same. If you don’t want to compromise with safety and surety then make it a habit to check your vehicle’s exhaust system periodically without fail. Flex exhaust pipes, mufflers, catalytic converters, flanges, and gaskets are the key components of exhaust system that need regular preventive check.

Symptoms Of Faulty Exhaust System:  

Changing the entire Exhaust System may stress you financially; so, don’t neglect the health of your vehicle’s critical component under the floor. Knowing the condition of major parts of exhaust system helps to plan the maintenance on priority basis. If you know the symptoms of faulty exhaust system, preventive maintenance becomes convenient and cost effective. Vibrations, dropped fuel efficiency, poor performance, increased noise, black exhaust gases and misfiring etc are the primary symptoms of faulty exhaust system.

Maintaining Exhaust System By Self For Longer Life:

A guided preventive check of exhaust system makes sure that you don’t miss any critical step. Here, I summarize the steps that will help you to check your exhaust system like a perfectionist.

Examine the whole exhaust assembly not sparing the starting joint at engine. Check the complete tail pipe to discover any for crack. Pay close attention at the joints connecting the manifold to cylinder and main pipe. Check for the burn marks around the exhaust port at cylinder head. Check the muffler; it should be free from holes, punctures and rust/dust/mud deposits. In case, you find some hole, leakage, loose fitting etc, you can repair it by self also provided you have in stock the required component and the tools. If not, contact the online warehouse distributor of exhaust pipes for quick supply because driving a vehicle with faulty exhaust system drains out your wallet secretly.


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