Spring Cleaning And Car Maintenance

Spring is here, meaning that now is an excellent time to transition your car from winter and to get it ready for the warmer spring and summer months ahead. Car owners can perform much of their spring car care sols, but some maintenance may be faster and easier when performed by a mechanic. Below are the most important spring car care tips to consider.

Detail Cleaning

Detail cleaning often falls by the wayside during the wet winter moGM Aveo 1.6L Front Pipe Mandrel Bent Exhaust Pipe for 2004-2008 Modelsnths, making spring an excellent time for a full detail clean. Detailed cleaning may not be essential for your car’s performance, but is one of the many ways you take pride in your car. Regular detail cleaning also helps to maintain its sales value by ensuring it looks its best. While detailing, look for any dings or scratches to your windows or body that must be addressed. Also, consider any additional car accessories that will help to keep your car organized and clean.


Canadian winters can get chilly, meaning you probably took a few precautions when winterizing your car. Now it is time to switch back to standard maintenance. This includes, but is not limited to:

• Switching out your winter tires
• Switching out your winter floor mats
• Switching out any of your winter fluids
• Check windshield washers
• Remove winter gear from your trunk—salt, shovel, snow brush, lock deicer, etc.
• Add summer emergency gear and supplies

Spring Car Care General Maintenance

Now is an excellent time to head to the shop, or for those who are mechanically inclined, to perform a full tune-up. During the tune-up, also check for any winter wear tear. A few areas to pay close attention to after the winter months include.

• Wear and tear to belts and hoses
• Corrosion to battery or spark plugs
• Make sure all lights are fully functioning
• Test the HVAC system, and make sure the AC is ready for summer
• Check the brakes, particularly brake pads, rotors, and drums
• Check the steering and suspension to make sure the shock absorbers, struts, ball joints, and all essential components are fully functioning
• Check the Wholesale exhaust systems for damage or leaks. Order any new parts in need of replacement

Performing seasonal car care ensures that your car is properly serviced every 3 or 4 months. It is the best way to identify concerns before they grow into larger issues. As always, look, listen, and feel for any changes to your car when driving.


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