What Emergency Supplies Should You Keep In Your Car

Even if you drive primarily during daylight hours, and in heavily populated areas—you want to ensure you are always prepared for the unexpected. Bykeeping a few emergency supplies in your car at all times, or alternating emergency supplies for the warmer and cooler seasons, you can ensure that the essentials you requireare always nearby. Below are some supplies to serve as inspiration.


Essentials Car Supplies

The essentials below are required to address common car troubles, and should be in your car year-round.

• Car manual
• Jumper cables—consider solo jumper cables
• Spare tire—even if you have a tire inflation kit, you should still have a spare
• Tire pressure gauge
• Wiper fluid
• Water
• Duct tape—perfect for when your muffler unexpectedly comes loose
• Flashlight or headlight
• Multi-tool
• Tow strap
• Seatbelt cutter—keep nearby in your glove compartment or console

Seasonal Emergency Supplies

Items on this list can be removed as needed during the summer and winter months. This only includes the seasonal supplies for your car, personal seasonal supplies are included in the next section.

• Deicer wiper fluid for winter months
• Shovel—foldable varieties take up less room
• Long handled ice scraper with snow brush
• Deicing salt
• Cardboard or carpet square—perfect for creating traction

Emergency Supplies For You

The above supplies are all for addressing issues with your car, but you must not forget the personal supplies you require if your car breaks down.

• Spare phone battery and/or solar charger
• Flares or other emergency lighting
• Pocket radio—fully charged, or solar powered
• Compass
• Water
• Some type of food—MRE, protein bars, trail mix, etc.
• Emergency blanket
• Umbrella
• Comfortable shoes and/or winter boots—keep a pair in your trunk just in-case
• Winter clothing—coat, hat, gloves, scarf
• Hat to shield the sun in the summer months—an umbrella works too
• Paper map—we all know that GPS doesn’t always work
• Emergency cash stash
• Pencil and paper
• Tissue/paper towel/real towel
• First aid kit—some are small enough to fit in your glove compartment
• Hand sanitizer and/or wet wipes
• Something to keep the kids entertained
• If traveling with a pet, pet essentials—food, water, leash, etc.

This list might sound like a lot, but if packed well really won’t take up too much space—and won’t create too much additional weight in your vehicle. While you may not need to use these items often, you will be glad you have them if the need arises.

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