Top 5 Driver Distractions

Driving is an activity that requires your full attention. Even experienced drivers must stay alert. While driving in areas you are familiar may make you feel an increased sense of confidence, over half of all car accidents occur less than 5 miles from home. Many accidents are the result of preventable distracted driving. Below are the 5 most common types of distracted driving.


Eating While Driving

Between work, family, school, and fun—it is tempting to eat in the car between stops. While it seems as though eating while driving will save some time, eating is a major distraction. Actions such as digging through the to-go bag to find what you ordered, unwrapping food, and balancing food and drinks while driving often leave you more concerned about your food than the road and cars around you. Take the few extra minutes to eat before you hit the road.

Managing Music

Managing music has always been high on the list of driver distractions. From changing radio stations, searching through your iPod, or changing CDs. Even adjusting volume or managing other sound and speaker features can take your eyes off the road. Avoid this distraction by selecting your music before you start driving.

Talking Or Texting On The Phone

Accidents caused by talking and texting while on the road are on the rise around the world. In fact, texting while driving is 6 times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. Studies even find that using hands-free options are still a significant distraction—because drivers are still somewhat focusing on their phones. You can avoid temptation by silencing your phone, or by putting it in your purse or glove box while driving.

Other Passengers

There are multiple ways in which the passengers in your car can be a cause of distraction. From wandering pets, crying babies, fighting siblings, and topics of conversation that are troublesome. While conversations and interaction will occur while driving, set rules and guidelines about volume control, avoid heated topics while driving, ensure pets are in the back seat, and pull over if the kids get too rambunctious.


From shaving to applying makeup, or putting the finishing touches on your hair or outfit—grooming while driving is dangerous. It may seem as though you are saving time by grooming on the go, but your attention will be on your appearance—instead of on the road. Instead, bring your grooming supplies with, but wait until you arrive at your destination to finish up.

At Muffler Express, we want you to stay safe on the road. While these 5 driver distractions certainly aren’t the only ones, they are the most common distractions—and ones we often forget are a distraction.


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