Exhaust Tips For Toronto Residents Who Want To Save Money On Car Repairs

Replacing your exhausts system is a fairly easy DIY repair. Only a handful of tools are required, and the full install typically takes less than 15 or 20 minutes. Below are a few exhaust tips for Toronto residents who want to save a bit of money on their car repair budget.

Tip 1 Order Your New Muffler Online

Installing your new exhaust system at home will not only save you the cost of labor but save you can save even more by ordering your new muffler online. At Muffler Express, we sell standard, high performance, and CARB approved catalytic converters. Search for your exhaust parts by make, model, and year of your car—then further narrow down by your desired performance traits.


Tip 2 A Safe Workspace

You will need to jack your vehicle up to slide underneath and perform your repair. Before you get started—park on level ground and block your wheels to ensure your car will not roll away working. Invest in a quality car jack, that is designed for repairs above and beyond changing a flat tire.

Tip 3 Gather Your Tools

Aside from your car jack, you will also need a wrench with varying ratchets. If your current clamps are rusted, you may need some lubricant to remove them. If your current muffler is welded on you will need a hacksaw and welding equipment.

Tip 4 Proper Installation

Removing your current exhaust system is typically easy, and your new system should fit easily in place. One of the most common mistakes when performing full or partial muffler repairs—is determining the difference between the front and the back of the muffler.

Tip 5 Check For Leaks

Once your muffler is clamped or welded into place, you need to check if for leaks. Drive your car after installation, and listen for any unusual sounds. Hissing, rattling, or squealing are all signs that your exhaust system is not properly secured, and that your clamps need to be adjusted.

Muffler Express sells the largest online selection of mufflers and exhaust parts in Canada. Take a peak now to see if we have the parts you need.


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