Summer Driving Tips – Muffler Express

An essential part of begin a responsible driver is being apprised of the risks associated with driving. With the warm summer months, come a few driving hazards that aren’t on your year-round radar. The tips below alert you to increased summer driving concerns.

Exhaust flex pipe
Summer Weather

As much as we love the warm summer weather, it brings with it a few hazards. Sunshine is bright and sometimes blinding, so drive with sunglasses and use your built-in sun visors. Your engine is more likely to overheat in the summer, especially if your car is older—or you are driving for an extended period of time. Stop to allow your engine to cool down on particularly warm days, or when using your AC for long periods of time. Further support your engine by staying on top of scheduled maintenance such as oil changes and tune-ups, and replace any malfunctioning catalytic converters or exhausts systems.

Also take measures to keep yourself cool while driving by keeping hydrating beverages in the car, parking in the shade when possible, using a wind shield sun shade while parked, and by maintaining your car AC.

Kids Are Out Of School

Kids will be out of school by the end of June, meaning that there will be more teenage drivers on the road. Teenagers are not only inexperienced drivers, but they are often more easily distracted while driving.

Increased Tourism

The summer months are an excellent time to travel, so expect there to be more drivers on the road who are not familiar with the area. This means more abrupt stops and turns, and more distracted driving while reading maps and directions. Vacation traffic can also lead to increased congestion.

More Two-Wheeled Transportation On The Road

Summer is the perfect time to hit the open road on bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles. Since these two-wheeled means of transportation are smaller, you have to take more care that they are not in your blind spot.

Vacation Vehicles

Not only is the summer an excellent time to vacation, but to drive vacation and summer vehicles. This includes RV s that drivers only take out a few times a year. Also keep an eye out for convertibles and sports cars that stay locked up during the winter months—and are tempting to drive at high speeds in the warm weather.
Roadwork And Construction

Summer is the perfect time to complete roadwork and construction. This means you can expect more traffic delays in your nearby construction zones. You must also drive with increased caution through your construction zones, paying special attention to temporary road signs and construction workers.

If you need to replace your car’s exhaust system to ensure safe summer driving, Muffler Express is your trusted online Canadian exhaust supplier.


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