Protecting Your Family From Accidental Carbon Dioxide Poisoning

There are close to 400 accidental CO deaths each year in Canada, most of which are easily avoidable. Below are a few tips you can turn to, to lessen the likelihood of accidental CO poisoning.

Sources Of Carbon Dioxide In Your Home

Each home and business is different, but all have at least a few sources of carbon dioxide. Some of the most common home sources include: cadillac-sts-v6-engine-obd2-direct-fit-catalytic-converter

Home furnace
Space heater
Decorative fireplace
Wood stove
Kitchen stove or grill
Gas/charcoal barbeque
Hot water heater

These are not all of the potential sources of CO poisoning, but they are the most common. Take a few minutes to walk through the interior and exterior of your home to identify all of your CO sources.

Invest In A CO Detector

CO detectors are now required in all Toronto sleeping areas. CO detectors are inexpensive, and range between $26 to $100 each. While there are some combination smoke and CO detectors on the market, not all are one in the same. Just like smoke detectors, you must change the batteries and test your CO detector no less than once every 3 months. If it helps, set an electronic reminder every few months.

CO Poisoning And Your Vehicle

Your car produces toxic emissions that contain carbon monoxide. CARB approved catalytic converters are designed to reduce these emissions, but they do not eliminate the CO. Your muffler helps to direct emissions away from your car, so that they do not pool under your car while driving or sitting idle. This is why it is essential to listen and look for any cause for concern. For example, if your exhaust is hissing or roaring, or your muffler is damaged, dragging, or detached—it is time to replace ASAP. Do not run your engine in an enclosed space, such as your garage.

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