DIY Smart Car

You have a “smart” phone, a “smart” home system, and multiple “smart” electronic products designed to create environmentally friendly alternatives to their counterparts. While you could invest in the Smart car brand, with a few small changes you could also make the car you drive smarter. Here are a few quick tips.

Catalytic converter
Switch To An OBD2 Catalytic Converter

OBD2 catalytic converters are fitted to exhaust systems and are designed to significantly reduce your vehicle emissions. Not all cars come standard with these advanced converters, but with an investment of $250 to $500 dollars, you can upgrade your converter. Before you make the investment, inquire about whether or not your car came standard with a low-emission converter. If by chance you purchased your car in NY or CA in the past few years, it is likely to already have the upgrade.

Invest In A Smart Port

Did you know that your car has an onboard diagnostic (OBD) port? This is how testing centers verify your emission levels. It’s okay if you didn’t know this port (aka. dongle) was there, as it is only used by mechanics or emissions testing professionals—that is until now. Modern OBD systems are designed to deliver far more information than your emissions data. Based on the same theory as the “smart” home, you can invest in a dongle designed to record data that can help you become a “smarter” driver.

Some of these tools are Bluetooth enabled, and will alert you while on the road, while others are linked to an app that will create a driving report of sorts. Every dongle captures different data, but some of the smart driving data they share includes:

Whether or not you are wasting gas by braking or accelerating too fast
Precise calculation of your fuel efficiency
Emission levels
Calculates fuel costs
Kilometers per trip, hours on the road, and other driving data
On-demand roadside assistance after an accident
Driving patterns and habits

Even if your car is older and does not have a dongle, you can easily upgrade to a car-specific or universal OEM grade catalytic converter.



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