Is Your Car Ready for These Environmental Changes?

Protecting the environment is one of the major things people need to do in order to help the planet. There are lots of things that pollute the environment, but motor vehicles are always among the top pollutants. Exhaust gases contain lots of dangerous materials that can contaminate the air, so certain steps must be taken in order to preserve the environment.

Paris is one of the first cities in Europe that are taking measures for reis-your-car-ready-for-these-environmental-changesducing the dangerous effects of the air pollution. In order to protect and keep the environment clean, France has banned all motor vehicles that are produced before the year 1997. This ban will help the country and the continent as well. Using a high-performance muffler in the older cars should also contribute towards better and cleaner environment.

This rule for banning cars will affect about ten percent of all cars in Paris, and is aimed towards cars that are produced and registered before the month of January 1997. This will affect cars on the streets of Paris on the working days between Monday and Friday, starting from eight o`clock in the morning until eight o`clock in the evening. The only exemption from this rule will be the older classic cars that were built over thirty years ago.

These restrictions will become even harder by the year 2020 when only the privately owned vehicles with the catalytic converter installed will be allowed to drive on the streets of Paris. This will also relate to the vehicles that are registered after the year 2011 and motorbikes registered after mid-2015. Of course, all of these measures are suggested by the French media and other changes should be expected as well.

According to some sources within agencies for public health in France, air pollution is responsible for nearly fifty thousand deaths in France and nearly four million deaths across the globe annually. The French Senate has estimated that the air pollution is costing France over hundred billion Euros per year, so these measures should lower the costs and protect the lives of the French citizens. Those vehicle owners that will try to ignore this air pollution ban will be punished by paying €35 fines, and this penalty fine is expected to dramatically rise starting from December 2016. There are more than five hundred thousand car owners in and around the city of Paris that will be affected by this ban. However, there are some car owners that want money compensation for value losses. Some of them even protested by bringing their motor vehicles on the Champs Elysees and in front of the National Assembly.

According to the Paris mayor, this measure should make the city cleaner and will enable both the citizens and tourists to experience the natural scenery and beauty of the city. Besides Paris, country of Norway is also considering banning diesel-fueled and petrol cars starting from the year 2025 and some other cities across Europe are thinking about implementing certain measures for preventing air pollution. The city of Berlin was the first European city that banned older cars almost a decade ago. In Canada, cars that’s more than five years old required to pass emission tests otherwise won’t be able to renew their license plate stickers.



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