Vintage Cars

Many people think about the past times, and about how those oldvintage-cars cars that were owned by their parents have influenced their style and taste in cars when they become older. There are many classic and great cars from those times such as the Barrier Blue 1966 Le Mans, Burgundy 1965 GTO, Scarlet Red 1968 Cutlass S convertible, Nassau Blue 1969, 1970 Cutlass Supreme and Mayfair Maize 1965 Le Mans. These are all flashy, fast and classy models with great features and powerful exhaust systems.

If you are familiar with the model Cameo Ivory 1966 Bonneville you can quickly recall that those were huge cars. If you were a child and your parents or grandparents drove such models you probably had problems seeing over the car`s dash when sitting on the front passenger seat. Driving long distances were a real nice experience with cars such as Pontiac or Scarlet Red 1968 Cutlass S convertible. Road trips can be a unique experience if taken in beautiful and large vintage cars. Sure, today there are lots of new models and comfortable rides, but old cars have a unique charm in them.

The 1970s were the years when a popular car model was the Sandstone Olds Delta 88 Royale. Two amazing things were the main characteristic of this old-timer. First, this car had two doors and second – it had a great A/C system with cool air blowing nicely. This was also a long car with impressive 227 inches in length. Imagine learning to parallel parking with that car in today`s busy modern world. Another attractive car for that period was the 1962 T-bird with colorful interiors. Matador Red 1969 Pontiac Custom S two-door is another attractive car which came with a shiny black vinyl top. Many Americans back in the day have covered the corners of the deck lid with flags as a support for their country during wars and it looked nice. Burma Brown 1973 Grand Prix was a model extremely popular in the mid-70s from last century and was a very attractive car among younger generations.

The sad thing about these old-timers and vintage cars is that often there are no photos, or there are rare pictures where you can see them and reminisce about the good old days. However, even the pictures cannot give you the same feeling as if you were inside one of those cars. Today there are many vintage car conventions throughout the world where you can sit in one and get to feel them. Car enthusiasts from all over the planet get together, share experiences, and some of them still ride the vintage cars of their parents and grandparents. We all have some car models in mind when we reminisce about the past and think about cars of our relatives. Usually, those impressions last a lifetime and people gladly remember them. No matter what kind of car you own, remember that one day that car will be an old-timer which your children or grandchildren will gladly remember.



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