The New Self Balancing Motorcycle from Honda

the-new-self-balancing-motorcycle-from-hondaImagine never dropping your bike in the parking lot ever again. Honda understands better than most companies that this is a consistent problem amongst motorcycle owners. When a rider is driving at high speeds, maintaining balance is fairly easy. However, when the bike is cruising through parking lots, traffic, or somewhere similar, balance must be maintained by the rider. This is where things can get tricky, and this is the annoyance that Honda wants to get rid of once and for all.

Through their new riding assist technology, Honda wants to do more than merely keep the rider upright. Their Uni-Cub mobility research has endeavoured to create a bike that can establish and maintain a self-balancing mode. At high speeds, this feature isn’t going to prove to be necessary. However, when you need to reduce the speed of the bike, that’s when the feature will kick in. When the bike shifts to balance mode from regular riding mode, your front forks will begin extending your front tire away from the rest of the bike lowering its center-of-gravity.

At the moment, it is unknown as to when bikes actually featuring this technology will be released to the general public. It is worth keeping in mind that bikes featuring the riding assist technology have not even gone into production yet. However, given the popularity of the idea, it seems reasonable to imagine that the bike could go into production fairly soon and perhaps begin to take shape over the course of the next few years.



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