Muffler Shop Manager Creates Metal Menagerie

muffler-shop-manager-creates-metal-menagerieWhen we think about things like nuts, bolts, and pipes, or even an old muffler, we tend to associate these them with trash. You’re likely picturing these items sitting atop the dusty shelves of garages and shops, simply taking up space.

One manager of a muffler shop however, looked at these items with a vision. He saw the potential of using them to create fascinating works of art. Jeremy Sipe has started building some truly amazing creations. The results thus far have been extraordinary, generating a certain measure of celebrity for Sipe.

A man and dog sculpture, located just outside of Interstate Mufflers in Waynesboro, is a good example of Sipe’s work thus far. Using a welder and some old junk parts, Sipe was able to create the piece and set it up just outside his shop. The response has been overwhelming so far, with locals and others praising the piece for its uniqueness. Sipe mentioned in an interview that more often than not, his inspiration comes from seeing objects that resemble creatures.

At the moment, the man is just holding a flag however as time goes on, Sipe plans to create new items that his creation is going to be able to hold. For example, Sipe recently mentioned a desire to build a Star Wars lightsaber for his sculpture. Pleased with the attention that he has received thus far, Sipe has made it clear that he has no intentions to stop creating items from everyday objects as it feeds his creativity.



Are we Getting a Mid Engine Corvette?

are-we-getting-a-mid-engine-corvetteAlthough General Motors isn’t really known for buying classic cars, there is the story of Chief Engineer Zora Duntov wanting to test the concept of a mid-engine Corvette in 1959. It was also at this point in time that Duntov built the CERV. Remember that when we talk about the Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle, we are also talking about Zora’s notion of creating the definitive Corvette.

Built for the validation of the independent rear suspension of the 1963 Stingray, as well as to push the capabilities of a lightweight mid-engine vehicle, weight was a considerable priority with such a project. To that end, the 283 small block was casted of aluminum, alongside a bellhousing of magnesium. It was eventually replaced and the idea of building a racing variant of the Corvette was abandoned.

However, it would seem that some dreams really do refuse to die. The Corvette ZR1 is still on track for release this fall, but something else has been noticed. Some say it might be the murmurs of a mid-engine design. Others claim it is likely the testing mule for the new Cadillac halo vehicle. At the same time, one must keep in mind that GM recently paid over one million to have the CERV brought back home. Apparently, rather than destroying the idea altogether, Zora opted to have Briggs Cunningham hide the car for years and years. The CERV, to be sure, would be a powerful marketing tool for something like a mid-engine Corvette.

In the end, we aren’t going to get any definitive answers on this subject for quite some time. Corvette fans are hardly bothered by this. For the time being, it would seem as though it is considerably more engaging to speculate on what the future is going to hold. Whatever happens, it’s going to be something that will be pretty exciting.


The Adult Version of the Little Tykes Car is Finally Here!

the-adult-version-of-the-little-tykes-car-is-finally-hereThe Little Tyke car is pretty iconic. It continues to be a popular toy for kids around the word and many of us have fond memories of driving one as children. Two brothers from the United Kingdom used those fond memories to create their own adult version of the Little Tykes car. Not only is this vehicle completely street legal, but it can go up to seventy miles per hour as well!

John and Geof Bitmead are getting quite a lot of attention on social media at this point. The original plan was to sell the car for charity but now the brothers say that the car is being made available to the public at large for 32, 000. Whether or not this opens the door for more of these cars to be made is something that remains to be seen. For now, we can only tip our hats to these innovative brothers for their impressive achievement!


The Next Porsche

the-next-porscheRecently, Porsche has been making lots of decisions that their fans don’t necessarily agree with. From changing engines in the 911 from air-cooled to water-cooled and moving to turbos from natural aspiration in some newer models, Porsche has been known to make out-of-the-box decisions. This is all about to change however, since Porsche has recently announced that the new 911 GT3 is to be more to their fans’ liking. Rumor has it that this new model will have the option of a six-speed manual and come with a naturally aspirated motor. For true Porsche fans, this is cause for rejoicing.

The 991-generation of the new 911 GT3 is set to have some major changes. The engine will differ from what’s available in the current 911 R and GT3 RS. It will have a 4.0 liter flat six engine. This engine is apparently being sourced from the 911 RSR race car that Porsche makes, as rumored back in November at the LA Auto Show.

This new model is focused on being durable, as the engine is claimed to have done thousands of kilometers with no problems. The rumor is that this car has been driven flat out for long distances to prove the power and safety of the engine.

With the new GT3 comes a choice – a seven speed dual clutch or a six speed manual for the transmission. Either one will be powerful and we’ll definitely keep an eye out for any new details to be released.


Triumph will Take over the Moto2 Engine Next Year

There is no question that wtriumph-will-take-over-the-moto2-engine-next-yearhen Triumph takes over the Moto2 engine next year, the British bike company will be rising to a whole new level. The company will sign to start building the control engines for the Moto2 championships for 2018. This firm is going to be taking over from Honda and the CBR600RR engine, featuring a brand-new 750cc triple engine, which is being launched with the all-new Street Triple naked road bike.

The news comes in the wake of Moto2 continuing to suffer to maintain its reputation. The same can be said of the Supersport class in general. Honda didn’t even update the CBR600RR for Euro4 emission regs, which means you couldn’t find the engine in Europe.

Yamaha, which plans to launch the R6 in 2017, is likely going to have the strongest grip on the Supersport market. Still, the news that Triumph is taking over the Moto2 engine is something that should be celebrated. To be certain, the announcement is a big win for Triumph. The company created a Daytona 675 supersports bike that was believed to be completed as a road model, when the company moved along to bikes that could be described as adventure-styled or retro-style modern classic. This is also the company that brought the Bobber to the world a little while ago. Many are shocked that this smaller (compared to Honda) firm is going to be part of MotoGP’s “aliens” generation.

Still, others believe the move is a smart one. Furthermore, they believe that Triumph might just be the firm to handle this project, owing to the fact that the company is a smaller firm that might be better suited to something along the lines of building this engine. Furthermore, experts are quick to point out that ultimately, the number of engines the firm is going to be responsible for is relatively small, compared with some of the other options that are out there.

At the very least, it is believed that Triumph stands to gain a great deal from signing on to build this engine. There is absolutely no question that the firm has upped its place in the industry significantly.


The Hot New Vehicles From The Detroit Auto Show

the-hot-new-vehicles-from-the-detroit-auto-showAlthough Detroit continues to battle to restore itself to the former economic glory it once enjoyed, there is no question that the spirit of the auto industry is alive and well in this extraordinary city. The North American International Auto Show recently unveiled a wide assortment of vehicles that are well worth getting excited about. Simply put, whether you like cars, luxury SUVs, or hot pickups, the recent show had something to offer each and every car buff out there.

This is definitely the biggest auto show of the year. If you want to know what to expect from major auto companies, here are a few highlights from the most recent North American International Auto Show:

1. Microbus I.D. Buzz: Evoking memories of the 1960s VW microbus minivans. This multi-purpose vehicle will also have the ability to drive itself.

2. 2017 Rogue Sport: Nissan certainly seems to be putting a lot of their bets on the appeal of sleeker, smarter, and more impressive SUVs. This 5-seater brings a great deal to the table, including a 141 horsepower/2-liter/4-cylinder engine. Pedestrian detection and automatic front braking are just two perks.

3. Lightning McQueen: A life-sized model of Pixar icon Lightning McQueen appeared at the show, likely to promote the upcoming third Cars film.

4. 2018 Volvo XC 90 Drive Me: Part of the real-life autonomous drive research program, this self-driving SUV is a clear indication of the future that is still to come.

5. Q8 Luxury Concept SUV: Combining the space of an SUV with the sophistication of a coup, this vehicle is going to combine a powerful vehicle with some of the strongest engineering perks and features Audi has ever connected to.

6. Honda Odyssey: Featuring “Magic Slide” seats, this is one of the most intriguing entries that came along at the recent show in Detroit. Reconfiguring the seats to meet the demands of a busy lifestyle has never been easier.

7. Toyota Camry: The most made-in-America vehicle in the United States also has the reputation for being the most popular vehicle in the United States.

8. Tiguan: This upcoming Volkswagen release is going to expand on the previous models in a fairly impressive way. You can count on a vehicle that is not only going to be a full eleven inches longer, but it is also going to offer fifty-seven percent additional cargo space.

9. GMC Terrain: By far, the new aerodynamic shape of the new GMC Terrain is one of the most intriguing elements.