The Hot New Vehicles From The Detroit Auto Show

the-hot-new-vehicles-from-the-detroit-auto-showAlthough Detroit continues to battle to restore itself to the former economic glory it once enjoyed, there is no question that the spirit of the auto industry is alive and well in this extraordinary city. The North American International Auto Show recently unveiled a wide assortment of vehicles that are well worth getting excited about. Simply put, whether you like cars, luxury SUVs, or hot pickups, the recent show had something to offer each and every car buff out there.

This is definitely the biggest auto show of the year. If you want to know what to expect from major auto companies, here are a few highlights from the most recent North American International Auto Show:

1. Microbus I.D. Buzz: Evoking memories of the 1960s VW microbus minivans. This multi-purpose vehicle will also have the ability to drive itself.

2. 2017 Rogue Sport: Nissan certainly seems to be putting a lot of their bets on the appeal of sleeker, smarter, and more impressive SUVs. This 5-seater brings a great deal to the table, including a 141 horsepower/2-liter/4-cylinder engine. Pedestrian detection and automatic front braking are just two perks.

3. Lightning McQueen: A life-sized model of Pixar icon Lightning McQueen appeared at the show, likely to promote the upcoming third Cars film.

4. 2018 Volvo XC 90 Drive Me: Part of the real-life autonomous drive research program, this self-driving SUV is a clear indication of the future that is still to come.

5. Q8 Luxury Concept SUV: Combining the space of an SUV with the sophistication of a coup, this vehicle is going to combine a powerful vehicle with some of the strongest engineering perks and features Audi has ever connected to.

6. Honda Odyssey: Featuring “Magic Slide” seats, this is one of the most intriguing entries that came along at the recent show in Detroit. Reconfiguring the seats to meet the demands of a busy lifestyle has never been easier.

7. Toyota Camry: The most made-in-America vehicle in the United States also has the reputation for being the most popular vehicle in the United States.

8. Tiguan: This upcoming Volkswagen release is going to expand on the previous models in a fairly impressive way. You can count on a vehicle that is not only going to be a full eleven inches longer, but it is also going to offer fifty-seven percent additional cargo space.

9. GMC Terrain: By far, the new aerodynamic shape of the new GMC Terrain is one of the most intriguing elements.



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