Are we Getting a Mid Engine Corvette?

are-we-getting-a-mid-engine-corvetteAlthough General Motors isn’t really known for buying classic cars, there is the story of Chief Engineer Zora Duntov wanting to test the concept of a mid-engine Corvette in 1959. It was also at this point in time that Duntov built the CERV. Remember that when we talk about the Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle, we are also talking about Zora’s notion of creating the definitive Corvette.

Built for the validation of the independent rear suspension of the 1963 Stingray, as well as to push the capabilities of a lightweight mid-engine vehicle, weight was a considerable priority with such a project. To that end, the 283 small block was casted of aluminum, alongside a bellhousing of magnesium. It was eventually replaced and the idea of building a racing variant of the Corvette was abandoned.

However, it would seem that some dreams really do refuse to die. The Corvette ZR1 is still on track for release this fall, but something else has been noticed. Some say it might be the murmurs of a mid-engine design. Others claim it is likely the testing mule for the new Cadillac halo vehicle. At the same time, one must keep in mind that GM recently paid over one million to have the CERV brought back home. Apparently, rather than destroying the idea altogether, Zora opted to have Briggs Cunningham hide the car for years and years. The CERV, to be sure, would be a powerful marketing tool for something like a mid-engine Corvette.

In the end, we aren’t going to get any definitive answers on this subject for quite some time. Corvette fans are hardly bothered by this. For the time being, it would seem as though it is considerably more engaging to speculate on what the future is going to hold. Whatever happens, it’s going to be something that will be pretty exciting.



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