Muffler Shop Manager Creates Metal Menagerie

muffler-shop-manager-creates-metal-menagerieWhen we think about things like nuts, bolts, and pipes, or even an old muffler, we tend to associate these them with trash. You’re likely picturing these items sitting atop the dusty shelves of garages and shops, simply taking up space.

One manager of a muffler shop however, looked at these items with a vision. He saw the potential of using them to create fascinating works of art. Jeremy Sipe has started building some truly amazing creations. The results thus far have been extraordinary, generating a certain measure of celebrity for Sipe.

A man and dog sculpture, located just outside of Interstate Mufflers in Waynesboro, is a good example of Sipe’s work thus far. Using a welder and some old junk parts, Sipe was able to create the piece and set it up just outside his shop. The response has been overwhelming so far, with locals and others praising the piece for its uniqueness. Sipe mentioned in an interview that more often than not, his inspiration comes from seeing objects that resemble creatures.

At the moment, the man is just holding a flag however as time goes on, Sipe plans to create new items that his creation is going to be able to hold. For example, Sipe recently mentioned a desire to build a Star Wars lightsaber for his sculpture. Pleased with the attention that he has received thus far, Sipe has made it clear that he has no intentions to stop creating items from everyday objects as it feeds his creativity.



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