India Toyota Challenges Hyundai with Country’s Safest, Most Fuel-Efficient Car

india-toyotaIndia’s automobile buyers are in for a treat with Toyota’s new small car, claimed to be the country’s best in three categories: safety, fuel efficiency, and affordability. These features put Toyota on par with both Hyundai and Suzuki while the company simultaneously launches its new brand Daihatsu, a sufficient alternative for price-conscious customers.

This is excellent news for Toyota after the disappointing reception of its Etios series launch. The well-known Japanese company had hoped to make its mark in the automobile industry’s budget category with Etios, but its attempt went largely unnoticed. However, through Daihatsu, Toyota could truly make its mark within the car industry’s segment A/B.

The MD of Toyota Kirloskar, Akito Tachibana, stressed the importance of local market and affordability. He also stated that they would conduct research pertaining to customer expectations for each and every market in order to create the concept of the vehicle before the development process is started.

Tachibana has reportedly assigned the development team with the task of creating a purely hybrid car with high safety features. While the company develops the model, it also considers the possibility of introducing an SUV and compact MPV to the Indian market. Any new models Toyota constructs will appear only after April 2020, when official BS-VI regulations have been put into place.

Toyota has a lot on its plate as it is, but the company has structured plans to release small hybrid models in the near future as well. In 2017 or 2018, India will receive a Corolla hybrid option alongside a mid-size sedan, the latter of which will go head-to-head with the Hyundai Verna and Honda City. Until then, India awaits the introduction of several life-changing cars from one automobile company alone.



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