A Brand New Durmax Engine is Coming from General Motors in 2017

In terms of pulling power, most consumer trucks being rolled off the assembly line today aren’t cranking out more torque and power than those diesel heavyweights we see in the streets.

Under the name Chevrolet, a major diesel brand that is used to fuel this action is of course coming from a Duramax and it’s getting a little upgrade to make it even more powerful for 2017. The 6.6L V8 is a total retool and upgrade compared to the last few versions and is said that it will offers drivers way more torque and power than ever before.

We have been told according to Diesel Army that this new powerhouse will deliver an SAE certified 445 horsepower, which comes alongside 910 pound-feet of torque. There is no doubt this will be an absolute monster to take care of whatever heavy duty job that happens to come your way. Or you could just rip up the highway instead.

Watch the video below to get a preview of the next generation of Duramax that promises to be an improvement in every way, including overall experience. It’s just a matter of time before you forget that it’s a diesel you are driving.

Source: http://www.mufflerexpress.com/muffler-industry-blog/157-a-brand-new-durmax-engine-is-coming-from-general-motors-in-2017.html


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