The Imitation Crib: Ford’s Baby Bed that feels like a Road Trip

Infants could soon be enjoying the lulling sensations of a car ride from the comfort of their home. Ford has created a crib – called the Max Motor Dreams – that imitates all the sensory input a baby receives on a peaceful drive, including street lights, engine noises, and small road bumps, to encourage sleep.

Each crib is equipped with speakers that play engine-like background noise, as well as LED lights that simulate the soft glow of nighttime lamp posts. The crib periodically vibrates to capture the feeling of an authentic car ride.

For pickier children, parents also have the option of using a trip-tracking app that perfectly replicates what their baby feels on their own car’s most frequent routes.

At this point in time, Ford has only constructed one Max Motor Dreams, which will be gifted to the winner of their latest contest for the Ford España. The company has not released any further information on the product.

Could this concept be the next trend in the mattress industry? It’s hard to say, but consumers may not be too opposed to the idea.



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