Louisiana Plans to Eliminate Car Inspection Stickers

Image: Nola.com

A new bill in the state of Louisiana will make it mandatory for only commercial cars and trucks to wear vehicle inspection stickers. This bill will affect all areas except Ascension, Iberville, Livington, East Baton Rouge, and West Baton Rouge due to the current carbon emissions law.

For the past fifty years, nearly all vehicles in the state have been required to undergo testing for their safety features every two years, and receive a sticker at the end of the process. Each car owner is charged $10 USD for the testing, and vehicles without a recent sticker can be charged $500 and potential prison time.

It may seem like a good way to make the roads safer, but it’s hard to say how much the tests prevent driving mishaps and if the mandatory fee contributes to the quality of the tests. The traffic force is given a $40 million cut from the fees, but the overall budget of the sector $164 million to $120 million and will greatly affect the budget of the police force as a whole.

The new bill would require each driver without a sticker to pay $5.25 each year to fund police services, which would cover the price of creating and distributing the stickers. Louisiana would join the ranks of the thirty other US states that only require commercial vehicles to receive inspections and stickers that indicate them.

To ensure the vehicles on the road are still safe, the state will have to run tests to determine how much inspections improve road safety, and if the result is significant, find an alternative.

Source: http://www.mufflerexpress.com/muffler-industry-blog/170-louisiana-plans-to-eliminate-car-inspection-stickers.html


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