Oshawa General Motors will soon offer 500 more Positions

oshawa-general-motors-will-soon-offer-500-more-positionsThe General Motors plant in Oshawa expects to open up 500 more jobs for pickup truck manufacturing by mid-2018, when the location can raise its production maximum.

The plant will be used to finish developing Chevrolet Silverados, working with frames pre-built in Fort Wayne, but no news has been released about the new model that will be developed completely in Oshawa.

In addition to offering employment to a potential 500 new plant workers, General Motors has given its current employees retirement bonuses, allowing retirees that leave between August 1st and January 1st to hold onto their extra payments from the winter holidays.

These new policies were put into place through a conference between Unifor and General Motors in September of 2016, when the companies agreed to deliver the Fort Wayne truck frames to Oshawa and offer employees clear pension options. Unifor was confident that General Motors Oshawa would be North America’s sole truck and car manufacturing location.

With the awaited debut of more jobs and employee benefits, General Motors and Unifor have definitely made a level-headed decision.

Source: http://www.mufflerexpress.com/muffler-industry-blog/171-oshawa-general-motors-will-soon-offer-500-more-positions.html


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