How To Jump Start Your Car Battery

Muffler Express is Canada’s number 1 online wholesaler for catalytic converters for all major car brands, like Ford, Acura, Honda, BMW, and more. But our goal is also to provide you with the invaluable insight required to keep you safe on the road. There is nothing worse than getting in your car only to find that it won’t start. Sometimes all you need to get back on the road is a simple jump tart, however, although jump starting is simple, you must know what you are doing.
Essential Supplies

You want to keep your car stocked with a set of jumper cables, and a pair of work gloves so that you don’t get your hands dirty. Standard cables require the assistance of a nearby good Samaritan, or you can invest in portable jumper cables. Portable cables are not only convenient because a second car is not required, but also because they are perfect to jump start your car when you are parked in a tight location—such as your garage.

Jump-Starting Your Car With Standard Car Cables

If jump starting your car with portable cables, follow the instructions on the battery pack. Regardless so the type of cables used, have your battery checked soon to see why it malfunctioned.

1. Ideally you want to park the two cars nose to nose, but side by side will do.
2. Turn off both cars, and place the transmission in park, with the parking brake on.
3. The cables are color-coded red and black. Attach the red (+) cable to the dead battery, then attach to the red (+) cable to the working battery.
4. Repeat this process by connecting the black (-) cable to the dead battery, then attach the black (-) cable to the working battery.
5. Start the car with the working battery first, and allow it to run for a full two minutes to charge the battery.
6. After 2 minutes, try to start the car that has the dead battery.
7. If it does not start, allow the battery to charge for two more minutes and then try again. Revving the engine of the working vehicle may help.
8. When the car with the dead battery has started, remove the black cables first—then the red.

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