The P100D from Tesla Offers Tech Options to The Rich

the-p100d-from-tesla-offers-tech-options-to-the-richPriced at 134, 000.000, there is no question that the new P100D from Tesla offers a pricey option. However, for those who want to be at the forefront of technology in vehicles, this is definitely something you are going to want to pay attention to. This new vehicle makes it clear that these technologies and features with vehicles like these are becoming closer to the reach of the average consumer.

This vehicle can go from zero to sixty in an astonishing 2.5 seconds. However, there are several additional features and amenities to this vehicle that are worth keeping in mind. Featuring the latest in semiautonomous and EV tech, the Model-S in particular comes with enough room for anything that you might have in mind. The fact that autopilot is limited to posted speed limits on undivided roadways is something else to consider.

The massive 17-inch touchscreen is back. The same can be said for many of the features and design elements that defined the Model X vehicles. The leather seats that have been praised for being extremely comfortable in the past are back, as well. You will also find it possible to seat five people without any difficult, provided all of the passengers are less than six feet tall. Even at capacity, owners of the new P100D from Tesla will find it possible to have room for many other things. The vehicle is designed for use across both short distances and long ones.

Although the vehicle is quite large, the low center of gravity and stiff chassis will keep the vehicle from feeling as though one is trying to drive and steer a boat.

For now, while a vehicle like this is clearly a luxury for those lucky enough to afford it, vehicles like the Model 3 will soon be able to answer the call for those who want something more affordable.



Exhaust Tips For Toronto Residents Who Want To Save Money On Car Repairs

Replacing your exhausts system is a fairly easy DIY repair. Only a handful of tools are required, and the full install typically takes less than 15 or 20 minutes. Below are a few exhaust tips for Toronto residents who want to save a bit of money on their car repair budget.

Tip 1 Order Your New Muffler Online

Installing your new exhaust system at home will not only save you the cost of labor but save you can save even more by ordering your new muffler online. At Muffler Express, we sell standard, high performance, and CARB approved catalytic converters. Search for your exhaust parts by make, model, and year of your car—then further narrow down by your desired performance traits.


Tip 2 A Safe Workspace

You will need to jack your vehicle up to slide underneath and perform your repair. Before you get started—park on level ground and block your wheels to ensure your car will not roll away working. Invest in a quality car jack, that is designed for repairs above and beyond changing a flat tire.

Tip 3 Gather Your Tools

Aside from your car jack, you will also need a wrench with varying ratchets. If your current clamps are rusted, you may need some lubricant to remove them. If your current muffler is welded on you will need a hacksaw and welding equipment.

Tip 4 Proper Installation

Removing your current exhaust system is typically easy, and your new system should fit easily in place. One of the most common mistakes when performing full or partial muffler repairs—is determining the difference between the front and the back of the muffler.

Tip 5 Check For Leaks

Once your muffler is clamped or welded into place, you need to check if for leaks. Drive your car after installation, and listen for any unusual sounds. Hissing, rattling, or squealing are all signs that your exhaust system is not properly secured, and that your clamps need to be adjusted.

Muffler Express sells the largest online selection of mufflers and exhaust parts in Canada. Take a peak now to see if we have the parts you need.

Top 5 Driver Distractions

Driving is an activity that requires your full attention. Even experienced drivers must stay alert. While driving in areas you are familiar may make you feel an increased sense of confidence, over half of all car accidents occur less than 5 miles from home. Many accidents are the result of preventable distracted driving. Below are the 5 most common types of distracted driving.


Eating While Driving

Between work, family, school, and fun—it is tempting to eat in the car between stops. While it seems as though eating while driving will save some time, eating is a major distraction. Actions such as digging through the to-go bag to find what you ordered, unwrapping food, and balancing food and drinks while driving often leave you more concerned about your food than the road and cars around you. Take the few extra minutes to eat before you hit the road.

Managing Music

Managing music has always been high on the list of driver distractions. From changing radio stations, searching through your iPod, or changing CDs. Even adjusting volume or managing other sound and speaker features can take your eyes off the road. Avoid this distraction by selecting your music before you start driving.

Talking Or Texting On The Phone

Accidents caused by talking and texting while on the road are on the rise around the world. In fact, texting while driving is 6 times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. Studies even find that using hands-free options are still a significant distraction—because drivers are still somewhat focusing on their phones. You can avoid temptation by silencing your phone, or by putting it in your purse or glove box while driving.

Other Passengers

There are multiple ways in which the passengers in your car can be a cause of distraction. From wandering pets, crying babies, fighting siblings, and topics of conversation that are troublesome. While conversations and interaction will occur while driving, set rules and guidelines about volume control, avoid heated topics while driving, ensure pets are in the back seat, and pull over if the kids get too rambunctious.


From shaving to applying makeup, or putting the finishing touches on your hair or outfit—grooming while driving is dangerous. It may seem as though you are saving time by grooming on the go, but your attention will be on your appearance—instead of on the road. Instead, bring your grooming supplies with, but wait until you arrive at your destination to finish up.

At Muffler Express, we want you to stay safe on the road. While these 5 driver distractions certainly aren’t the only ones, they are the most common distractions—and ones we often forget are a distraction.

Personalize Your Car

Whether you purchased your car brand new and want to make a few changes, or you purchased a used car and really want to switch things up—you have to decide where to begin. Below are just a few upgrades and changes you can make to your car to make it look and feel more like you.


Electronic upgrades in your car have never been more versatile. If your car is a bit older, it may not have many electronic gadgets built-in. Below are a few electronic car upgrades to consider:

• New car stereo, speakers, woofers, etc.
• Satellite radio
• IPod and/or Smartphone adapter
• Bluetooth
• Rear seat DVD
• Solar chargers
• Dash cam
• Radar detector
• Power locks
• Remote starter

Interior Changes

Changing the interior of your car is an excellent way to make your car more comfortable, functional, and even more visually appealing. A few interior changes to consider include:

• New upholstery
• Seat covers
• Upgraded or seasonal floor mats
• Interior car organizers
• New steering wheel
• Decorative shift knobs
• Dash kit
• Custom gages

Paint and Detailing

Changing the color of your car will make a dramatic difference. When you factor in finishes and colors, your list of options is a mile long. On top of that, you want to determine if your car will be one solid color, or if you want to have a custom design painted on. Automotive painters are true artists who can do far more than pinstripes and flames, and instead creative color blocking and patterns.

However, painting your car a fairly common color can make it feel more like you. Since most cars come standard in only a handful of colors, painting your car a color you like will really personalize its appearance.

Exterior Upgrades

Some exterior upgrades are more for visual appeal, while others are designed to improve speed and function—and this goes far beyond a new paint job.
Some of the most common exterior car upgrades include:

• Lighting—both functional and decorative
• Fender
• Bumper
• Spoiler
• Folding side mirrors
• Moldings and trim
• Running boards
• Custom grilles
• High performance exhaust systems
• Truck cab accessories
• Off-roading upgrades

Personalizing your car has never been easier. Just select the features you want to upgrade, and work on them one-by-one until you have the look and feel you are going for. If car exhaust systems are on this list, check out the wide selection at Muffler Express—available for shipping to both the US and Canada.

What Emergency Supplies Should You Keep In Your Car

Even if you drive primarily during daylight hours, and in heavily populated areas—you want to ensure you are always prepared for the unexpected. Bykeeping a few emergency supplies in your car at all times, or alternating emergency supplies for the warmer and cooler seasons, you can ensure that the essentials you requireare always nearby. Below are some supplies to serve as inspiration.


Essentials Car Supplies

The essentials below are required to address common car troubles, and should be in your car year-round.

• Car manual
• Jumper cables—consider solo jumper cables
• Spare tire—even if you have a tire inflation kit, you should still have a spare
• Tire pressure gauge
• Wiper fluid
• Water
• Duct tape—perfect for when your muffler unexpectedly comes loose
• Flashlight or headlight
• Multi-tool
• Tow strap
• Seatbelt cutter—keep nearby in your glove compartment or console

Seasonal Emergency Supplies

Items on this list can be removed as needed during the summer and winter months. This only includes the seasonal supplies for your car, personal seasonal supplies are included in the next section.

• Deicer wiper fluid for winter months
• Shovel—foldable varieties take up less room
• Long handled ice scraper with snow brush
• Deicing salt
• Cardboard or carpet square—perfect for creating traction

Emergency Supplies For You

The above supplies are all for addressing issues with your car, but you must not forget the personal supplies you require if your car breaks down.

• Spare phone battery and/or solar charger
• Flares or other emergency lighting
• Pocket radio—fully charged, or solar powered
• Compass
• Water
• Some type of food—MRE, protein bars, trail mix, etc.
• Emergency blanket
• Umbrella
• Comfortable shoes and/or winter boots—keep a pair in your trunk just in-case
• Winter clothing—coat, hat, gloves, scarf
• Hat to shield the sun in the summer months—an umbrella works too
• Paper map—we all know that GPS doesn’t always work
• Emergency cash stash
• Pencil and paper
• Tissue/paper towel/real towel
• First aid kit—some are small enough to fit in your glove compartment
• Hand sanitizer and/or wet wipes
• Something to keep the kids entertained
• If traveling with a pet, pet essentials—food, water, leash, etc.

This list might sound like a lot, but if packed well really won’t take up too much space—and won’t create too much additional weight in your vehicle. While you may not need to use these items often, you will be glad you have them if the need arises.

For more information, Please visit at our website:

How To Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

Fuel prices fluctuate rapidly, but regardless of the current price per liter—you still have to fill up your tank. Even if the current prices are low, every bit adds up. To help improve or maximize your fuel efficiency, turn to the tips below.

new Capture

Empty Out Your Trunk

The heavier your car, the more fuel you burn driving from one place to the next. While you want to ensure you have the emergency essentials you require in your trunk, over time you may find that you have a bunch of excess. From sporting equipment, to kids toys, pet essentials, and trash—all together the excess can weight enough to burn more fuel while driving.

Maintain Your Tire Pressure

Tire pressure plays a major role in fuel efficiency, but many car owners forget to check their pressure. Underinflated tires can cost drivers $0.24 per kilometer or more. The good news is, both checking your pounds per square inch (psi) and adding air to your tires is fast and easy. Many gas stations and garages have both air pressure gauges and air, or you can buy your own air pressure gauge. Your required psi can be found in your driver’s manual, or on the sticker of your driver’s side door. Most mechanics are available to check your tire pressure for free in-between maintenance.

Invest In Regular Oil Changes And Tune Ups

Oil changes and tune ups are essential for many reasons, including improving fuel efficiency. During your oil change, you will be notified of any minor investments you need to make—such as investing in a new air filter, or getting new spark plugs before your next tune up. Your car’s make, model, and year will determine how often you should go in for an oil change and tune up—as well as your driving habits.

Repair Or Remove Any Items Of Resistance

Aerodynamics come in to play while driving. Any excess items of resistance on your car can create drag, and in turn reduce your fuel efficiency. This includes your overhead ski rack, or any damaged items that create drag—such as a broken spoiler, damaged fender, or dragging muffler.

These are some of the most effective ways of improving your fuel efficiency, all of which are easy to implement.

Online Exhaust Parts Canada Stores to Sooth Old Car Owners

The performance of exhaust system in Canada has more importance be2cause of the strictest pollution norms in world. All the major auto brands have great presence in Canada since their first launch; so, very high numbers of old vehicles occupy the roads. Maintenance of exhaust system as per new pollution regulations poses serious challenges especially for the decade’s old or older car owners. The concern is wide spread all throughout Canada; so, online exhaust stores have already started to take shape. Leading Exhaust Systems Canada stores offer complete line of exhaust spares to comfort the old car owners.

Concept of One Stop Exhaust Parts Canada Store:

Whatsoever car brand you own, one-stop exhaust parts Canada Store offers best-matched spares; may it be muffler, catalytic converter, flex repair pipe, flange, exhaust tips or even the gasket. The sourcing is made easy for the first time exhaust spares buyers; they can explore the products categories either by the brand or by the particular spare. Leading exhaust stores in Canada offer online assistance also to help the buyers decide the right spare; however, you need to know the specification of required part. Specifications marked on the exhaust spare or specified in the manual are your guiding source to buy the right spare; otherwise, the consultants of particular brand will help you to fix the buying parameters.

Catalytic Converter And Muffler- The Most Sought After Exhaust Spares:

Catalytic converter and muffler both play critical role in pollution free driving. Muffler is used to reduce the noise level while catalytic converter is used in exhaust system to reduce the toxic substances in exhaust gases. Most of muffler repair Toronto shops take care of catalytic converter also; similarly, wholesale catalytic converters suppliers offer complete line of muffler online. The catalytic converter and muffler prices depend upon the quality, brand and particular model of your car. Direct fit aftermarket catalytic converter and mufflers are slightly costlier than the other models that are fixed to existing system with alteration.

Overview Of Exhaust Systems Canada Stores To Help You Buy Genuine Spares

Maintaining exhaust systems of old model cars in Canada is a co2mplex challenge for the owners because they hardly have good reliable relationships with Wholesalers, US. Many of my friends own old variants of popular models like GM, Hyundai, Mazda, Ford, Nissan etc. Although their old cars are used rarely; still, they are deeply concerned with pollution level of exhaust gasses because of strict CARB standards in around Canada. I see the presence of wholesale catalytic converters suppliers in Canada and around as an opportunity to get your old car’s exhaust fit up to the standards.

One Stop Exhaust Systems Canada Stores:

Numbers of exhaust parts Canada suppliers have variety and volume both in stock but you as a retailer are not much concerned with the stock size. The shortlisted Wholesalers should have best range to fulfil your current and future requirements. If you need catalytic converter this time, you may need flex repair pipes next time; so, don’t focus only upon the listed Muffler prices while comparing the prices of other spares. Finding the new supplier every time makes the process complex and time consuming besides inviting the uncertainties to deal. Leading muffler repair Toronto stores are aware with this expectation of potential buyers; so, they invest best sources to expand the variety of stock.

Muffler Online And Exhaust Tips Toronto Highly Used Search Terms:

Toronto people are quality and governance conscious; so, they hardly compromise with pollution standards of their cars- old or new. Muffler online and exhaust tips Toronto are the more in common used search terms to find the reliable exhaust systems Canada supplier. Prominent exhaust tips Toronto stores have ready to supply stock of all exhaust system spares for all the brands. For example, if you approach a Muffler store in Toronto to buy out the exhaust pipe, you will come across numerous sub- categories like exhaust pipe adapters, exhaust resonator pipe, exhaust Y pipe, exhaust X pipe, direct fit flex pipe and exhaust flex repair pipe etc. The leading exhaust spare stores in Canada optimize their marketing efforts for exhaust tips, flex pipes, catalytic converter and online muffler etc but these store deal in hardware flanges, laser cut flanges, gaskets also.


Muffler Repair Toronto Shops- A Great Help To Maintain Old Exhaust Systems

Muffler Repair Toronto Shops- A Great Help To Maintain Old Exhaust Systems
Maintaining exhaust systems in Canada for the old vehicle owners has become more difficult since CARB regulations. Numbers of states almost fifty follow the same regulations, so, the numbers of vehicle owners searching for the reliable source to buy the states approved exhaust systems spares are quite high. I see a sudden surge in the numbers of Exhaust Systems Canada Wholesalers dealing in aftermarket exhaust systems but only few well established deliver the ultimate satisfaction.
Variety Of Mufflers- Know The Exact Specifications:
The muffler is the most critical part of exhaust system; and, it neelogo-947014436ds periodic maintenance especially if you own an old variant. It is added to exhaust system for reducing the noise level up to permissible limit. Prominent Muffler Online Suppliers offer variety of mufflers made to match the quality of originals. Most online muffler repair Toronto shops offer other exhaust spares also with same perfections and the growing trade competition doesn’t allow them to stop the improvement spree. For example, Muffler Express in Toronto offers complete line of Vector, Aero- turbine and Spiral baffled mufflers besides catalytic converter, laser- cut flanges, flex repair pipes and manifold gaskets etc.
Aftermarket Muffler Online As Versatile Solution:
Most of mufflers, available at leading wholesale catalytic converters stores are designed as a versatile solution for numbers of vehicles; still, you need to consult with experts. Chevrolet Impala RIGHT Side AP is designed to fit 2006-2011 models, Direct Fit Acura 1.6 EL Converter-Back LWB 3.3L is designed to fit 2001-2007 Chrysler, Back 3.8L V6 Chrysler is made for 2001-2005 Models, Direct Fit Nissan Versa is designed for 2007-2011 variants, Direct Fit Honda Civic muffler is available for 1992-2000 models. VW Jetta MK4 kit is designed as the versatile solution for all the MK4 1999 2005 models with VR6, 1.8T and 2.0 engines. Accord Honda 4 cylinders 4dr sedan and 2dr Coupe muffler assemblies are made to fit all the 4wd/2 WD cars of 1998-2002. Muffler prices may differ at different exhaust parts Canada stores because of difference in brands.