Porsche, Lexus and Toyota Dominate J.D. Power Dependability Study

porsche-lexus-and-toyota-dominate-jd-power-dependability-studyAlthough Lexus and Porsche proved to be the dominant auto brands for having the least number of problems after three years of ownership, technology headaches continued to cause problems with the overall dependability ratings.

A new survey from the J.D. Power firm has revealed some very fascinating facts about these auto brands as well as many others.

On average, 2014 model owners reported one hundred and fifty issues per one hundred cars over the course of the last twelve months. This is up four from last year’s survey findings. Approximately twenty-three percent of the issues involved problematic tech, which can include an audio system, communications, infotainments, or navigation. Smartphones or similar devices refusing to pair up with the Bluetooth or something else is another major problem. Batteries that wore out permanently or prematurely, also proved to be an issue

What’s interesting is the fact that the ten best-selling models were also able to average the fewest range of problems. Buyers are becoming smarter and smarter when it comes to understanding what a poor dependability reputation means. What this leads to is the fact that automakers now have to work tirelessly to ensure standards. A poor dependability score can set a vehicle back to a significant degree.

Lexus and Porsche are presently tied for first with the fewest problems. Close behind, you have Toyota coming in third. Then you have Buick in fourth place. Hyundai established themselves as the most improved brand.

For now, Porsche and Lexus dominate the list. For dependability on all fronts, their vehicles currently offer consumers the best track record.

Source: http://www.mufflerexpress.com/muffler-industry-blog/154-porsche-lexus-and-toyota-dominate-j-d-power-dependability-study.html


Is a Hellcat-Powered Grand Cherokee Coming to the NY Auto Show?

is-a-hellcat-powered-grandBoth Jeep and Dodge seem to be pretty committed to bringing their A-game to the competitive world of SUV power. The Challenger SRT Demon continues to tease the world at large, with everyone eagerly waiting for some more information from Dodge. Jeep seems to be committed to joining the fray, as it has now announced that a Hellcat-powered Grand Cherokee is coming to the New York Auto Show!

The 707bhp and 650lb ft of the Hellcat is well worth keeping in mind. At this point, we don’t know if anything is going to be detuned by the time it makes its way to Jeep. At the moment, we only know that Chrysler has taken out a trademark on “Trackhawk.”

The name fits with the rest of the SUVs currently offered by Jeep. Furthermore, we have to appreciate the fact that if the Hellcat is indeed added to a new line of Grand Cherokee vehicles, we are talking about a considerable move upwards in power, compared to anything else Jeep currently has on the market in the realm of SUVs. For now, we can only speculate on what might happen next. The New York Auto Show will be held in April.

Source: http://www.mufflerexpress.com/muffler-industry-blog/153-is-a-hellcat-powered-grand-cherokee-coming-to-the-ny-auto-show.html