Vintage Cars

Many people think about the past times, and about how those oldvintage-cars cars that were owned by their parents have influenced their style and taste in cars when they become older. There are many classic and great cars from those times such as the Barrier Blue 1966 Le Mans, Burgundy 1965 GTO, Scarlet Red 1968 Cutlass S convertible, Nassau Blue 1969, 1970 Cutlass Supreme and Mayfair Maize 1965 Le Mans. These are all flashy, fast and classy models with great features and powerful exhaust systems.

If you are familiar with the model Cameo Ivory 1966 Bonneville you can quickly recall that those were huge cars. If you were a child and your parents or grandparents drove such models you probably had problems seeing over the car`s dash when sitting on the front passenger seat. Driving long distances were a real nice experience with cars such as Pontiac or Scarlet Red 1968 Cutlass S convertible. Road trips can be a unique experience if taken in beautiful and large vintage cars. Sure, today there are lots of new models and comfortable rides, but old cars have a unique charm in them.

The 1970s were the years when a popular car model was the Sandstone Olds Delta 88 Royale. Two amazing things were the main characteristic of this old-timer. First, this car had two doors and second – it had a great A/C system with cool air blowing nicely. This was also a long car with impressive 227 inches in length. Imagine learning to parallel parking with that car in today`s busy modern world. Another attractive car for that period was the 1962 T-bird with colorful interiors. Matador Red 1969 Pontiac Custom S two-door is another attractive car which came with a shiny black vinyl top. Many Americans back in the day have covered the corners of the deck lid with flags as a support for their country during wars and it looked nice. Burma Brown 1973 Grand Prix was a model extremely popular in the mid-70s from last century and was a very attractive car among younger generations.

The sad thing about these old-timers and vintage cars is that often there are no photos, or there are rare pictures where you can see them and reminisce about the good old days. However, even the pictures cannot give you the same feeling as if you were inside one of those cars. Today there are many vintage car conventions throughout the world where you can sit in one and get to feel them. Car enthusiasts from all over the planet get together, share experiences, and some of them still ride the vintage cars of their parents and grandparents. We all have some car models in mind when we reminisce about the past and think about cars of our relatives. Usually, those impressions last a lifetime and people gladly remember them. No matter what kind of car you own, remember that one day that car will be an old-timer which your children or grandchildren will gladly remember.



Who knew Exhaust Fumes Could be Beneficial too!

who-knew-exhaust-fumes-could-be-beneficial-tooThe If you’ve thought exhaust fumes were aways bad, well… think again! An Australian farmer who has cut his costs for fertilization dramatically by recycling the fumes from his tractor directly into the cropping soil. Although the fumes are almost always dangerous for humans, this example shows that by pumping them in the soul can bring some benefits and increase the productivity as well.

The biology of the soil is getting stimulated with many helpful elements such as nitrogen, iron, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. That reduces the need for special fertilization on the soil, thanks to all materials that already feed the soil. The improvement is seen in ten to fifteen percent better germination, improved number of worms and the capability for holding the soil moisture is also increased. Of course, diesel fumes are still dangerous for humans, but the main thing here is that the fuel is derived directly from oil which once was just water organic matter.

So how does this work? The system is very compact and simple. First, it is mounted on the top of the tractor. The fumes are then funneled into a radiator unit which has five fans that can be controlled by switches. Switches can quickly lower the emissions temperatures from around three hundred degrees Celsius to just eighty degrees in a matter of few milliseconds. Fumes then get pumped by a hose that is flexible to the unit behind, and it coats the seeds in moist and warm air as it blows directly in the soil bed. Farmers are convinced that this process of seed coating is contributing towards improved germination, while the soil benefits a lot from the gas.

This injection system was constantly improved and even won the second prize on a Farm Inventor competition a few years back. Ever since then the selling of commercial version of this system has increased, and many croppers in Australia and the even US are buying it. The Australian farmer who started first with this system claims that an average farming operation should pay off for this unit in less than couple of years with all the savings that can be made on fertilizer inputs. He also said that not only the fertilized cropping rotation (canola, wheat and a two-year legume-based pasture phase) can pay quality soil and grain dividends, but the sheep will also look better and healthier on pasture phase.

This idea for using gas in the fertilization process has been on people`s minds throughout the entire century. However, the typical problem was how to reduce the temperature quickly and another problem was how to make this process more affordable for the farmers. Exhaust gasses have also been mixed with water and used for irrigation purposes in many greenhouses and yards in order to stimulate the growth of plants and trees.

As you exhaust fumes are not always dangerous, especially when used in proper ways. This system is expected to get more attention in the upcoming years and to contribute towards better crops and better profits from the farmers across the world.


Is Your Car Ready for These Environmental Changes?

Protecting the environment is one of the major things people need to do in order to help the planet. There are lots of things that pollute the environment, but motor vehicles are always among the top pollutants. Exhaust gases contain lots of dangerous materials that can contaminate the air, so certain steps must be taken in order to preserve the environment.

Paris is one of the first cities in Europe that are taking measures for reis-your-car-ready-for-these-environmental-changesducing the dangerous effects of the air pollution. In order to protect and keep the environment clean, France has banned all motor vehicles that are produced before the year 1997. This ban will help the country and the continent as well. Using a high-performance muffler in the older cars should also contribute towards better and cleaner environment.

This rule for banning cars will affect about ten percent of all cars in Paris, and is aimed towards cars that are produced and registered before the month of January 1997. This will affect cars on the streets of Paris on the working days between Monday and Friday, starting from eight o`clock in the morning until eight o`clock in the evening. The only exemption from this rule will be the older classic cars that were built over thirty years ago.

These restrictions will become even harder by the year 2020 when only the privately owned vehicles with the catalytic converter installed will be allowed to drive on the streets of Paris. This will also relate to the vehicles that are registered after the year 2011 and motorbikes registered after mid-2015. Of course, all of these measures are suggested by the French media and other changes should be expected as well.

According to some sources within agencies for public health in France, air pollution is responsible for nearly fifty thousand deaths in France and nearly four million deaths across the globe annually. The French Senate has estimated that the air pollution is costing France over hundred billion Euros per year, so these measures should lower the costs and protect the lives of the French citizens. Those vehicle owners that will try to ignore this air pollution ban will be punished by paying €35 fines, and this penalty fine is expected to dramatically rise starting from December 2016. There are more than five hundred thousand car owners in and around the city of Paris that will be affected by this ban. However, there are some car owners that want money compensation for value losses. Some of them even protested by bringing their motor vehicles on the Champs Elysees and in front of the National Assembly.

According to the Paris mayor, this measure should make the city cleaner and will enable both the citizens and tourists to experience the natural scenery and beauty of the city. Besides Paris, country of Norway is also considering banning diesel-fueled and petrol cars starting from the year 2025 and some other cities across Europe are thinking about implementing certain measures for preventing air pollution. The city of Berlin was the first European city that banned older cars almost a decade ago. In Canada, cars that’s more than five years old required to pass emission tests otherwise won’t be able to renew their license plate stickers.


Exhaust System Upgrade Anyone?!

The German car manufacturers have been well known for their great models of cars. BMW continues to surprise us with its new generations of models. All cars have exciting features that attract the customers, whether it is a new paint job, an improvement in the engine, design or inside features. Some people get attracted to the appearance of the car, looking for better style and elegance. Others like sports models that look powerful on the road, but that still provide great comfort when driving. Now let`s take a look at one of the most exciting BMW models yet.

BMW M2 model painted with Long Beach Blue Metallic color suits peexhaust-systemrfectly any sports car. The M2 model does not come with many standard finishes, but this paint job is a top favorite to many car lovers and enthusiasts. Long Beach Blue Metallic is an energetic and very attractive variant of blue color that puts an emphasis on the strong and aggressive car lines of the M2 model. The color makes this car easily visible and attractive no matter where it goes.

The BMW M2 gets its inspiration from previous other BMW models such as the E46 M3 and 2002ti. The body of the car is compact and according to the modern standards. The car is extremely fast both on the track and on the open road. Some recent tests of this model have pointed out some great results. BMW M2 uses a Twin Power Turbo technology, which translates into amazing 370 horsepower of the engine. It has a 3.0-liter six engines and the car can go from 0-100km/h in just over four seconds. The transmission system is state of the art with seven speeds M Dual Clutch.

The engineers of this model have put in a lot of time and energy to reduce car weight, to improve the car rigidity and make it more responsive. We used top quality electronics and sophisticated modern technology, while also improved and upgraded the cooling and the aerodynamics of the car. However, there is still room for further improvements and one of the areas that still needs some working on is the exhaust system. The upgrade of the exhaust system has been a top priority for many owners of BMW vehicles. If this system functions properly, it can give a boost to the car`s overall performance and will also improve the sound note. BMW M2 performance exhaust is consisted of a rear muffler with four exhaust pipes and catless downpipe. This system has been installed by the reliable European Auto Source and it provides the BMW M2 model with a car sound that everybody wants. In order to make it even more appealing, the system is upgraded with the bluetooth-powered module for control, which allows the car owner to open or close the exhaust valve by simple clicking of a button.

As one can appreciate, there are numerous improvements that make this model very attractive. Some further improvements and changes are to be expected for next models, but this is one step closer towards having a perfect car with a powerful exhaust system.