Ford Mustang Remains Global Bestseller

Image: Ford Philippines

Ford’s 2015 title of world’s best-selling sports car for its Mustang model has returned for 2016, starting a streak that could last a while.

More than 150,000 Mustangs were purchased last year, and around 30% of them were purchased outside the US, the biggest contributors being Germany and China.

Ford built nearly 400,000 Mustangs in one plant alone, mainly for foreign buyers, and its growth is expected to go from almost one-fifth to almost one-third this year. The car manufacturer also plans to target six more countries with the newest version of its most popular sports car.

The new-and-improved 2018 Mustang will include a stylized anterior, a 30cm tri-display mode instrument cluster, a 2.3 liter EcoBoost, and an automatic ten-speed transmission that the driver can choose to use or to forgo. Looking for more? This Mustang also offers with its 5 liter V8 and MagnaRide dampers, both of which truly pack a punch.

If you need more proof that this sportscar won’t be falling out of favour any time soon, just take a look at its Facebook page: over eight million people have liked the Mustang, making it the most popular vehicle even as far as social media goes.

With the Mustang’s current popularity and the next model’s flashy new upgrades, Ford won’t have to worry about ranking high, if not the highest, for the next few years.



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