Samsung’s Autonomous Vehicle Qualifies for Tests in South Korea

Image: BBC

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport has given the go-ahead to Samsung to begin trials with their autonomous car.

The company’s driverless Hyundai will be tested in South Korea, though this first test might also be Samsung’s last, as it has no future plans to manufacture vehicles. In fact, this test is being completed for the sole purpose of improving software in self-driving cars.

This particular Hyundai will be equipped with a variety of sensors alongside Samsung’s self-learning algorithms, and will then be tested in many different scenarios. The car should have no problem navigating on its own, though subtle movements will take time to perfect. Samsung is looking into ways to code the system to beat those difficulties.

Despite not having plans to develop its own autonomous vehicles, Samsung will be creating sensors and modules for computers. That way, customers can purchase some parts from Samsung and the rest from another source to make their own ideal device.

With all of its new projects and its past success, Samsung has a lot to look forward to.



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